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    File : 1118016012.png-(527744 B, 1420x1470, larpminivan.png)
    527744 B Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:00 No.1450731 sticky  
    posting a classic thread
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:01 No.1450739
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:02 No.1450752
    age for classic fail
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:04 No.1450765
    *Crushes them with Chrysler Town and Country*

    *Laughs perversely*
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:04 No.1450768
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:06 No.1450777
    *Writes shit inside asterisks*

    *Thinks he's awesome*
    >> PLZ DIE DRAMAFAGS KTHX 06/05/05(Sun)19:07 No.1450781
    *is pwn3d by 1450777's sheer l33tness*
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:08 No.1450785
    *holy fuck i'm roleplaying*
    >> Oryan !PK/J0EU.YY 06/05/05(Sun)19:12 No.1450823
         File : 1118016769.jpg-(445183 B, 1358x2308, mnts.jpg)
    445183 B
    more 4chan moments
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:14 No.1450844
    more awesome screenshots plz
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:18 No.1450869
         File : 1118017086.jpg-(130181 B, 1195x746, NIGGERS_AND_BISCUITS.jpg)
    130181 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:18 No.1450875
         File : 1118017122.png-(9814 B, 846x220, The_truth_of_4chan.png)
    9814 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:19 No.1450884
         File : 1118017155.png-(217078 B, 647x827, nogirl.png)
    217078 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:19 No.1450891
         File : 1118017189.png-(31044 B, 940x649, loleva.png)
    31044 B
    I took that screenshot.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:20 No.1450894
         File : 1118017204.png-(32707 B, 1258x774, REAL_PEDO.png)
    32707 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:20 No.1450899
         File : 1118017228.jpg-(50081 B, 752x341, 4chan.jpg)
    50081 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:20 No.1450901
         File : 1118017229.png-(65764 B, 731x638, Tripcode.png)
    65764 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:21 No.1450907
    someone saved the presidental battle on 4chan that was a while ago?
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:21 No.1450912
    I was the person who said kikaider, it was in response to a robo chick with boob lasers.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:21 No.1450914
         File : 1118017316.jpg-(122156 B, 678x800, 1109576611310.jpg)
    122156 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:22 No.1450916
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:22 No.1450919
         File : 1118017331.png-(28066 B, 1002x613, Lainon4chan.png)
    28066 B
    One of my favourite
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:22 No.1450922
         File : 1118017340.jpg-(148479 B, 1028x277, b-mall.jpg)
    148479 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:23 No.1450937
         File : 1118017427.jpg-(116303 B, 1024x744, bttrolling.jpg)
    116303 B
    Another great one.
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)19:23 No.1450939
         File : 1118017437.jpg-(38841 B, 934x325, 1112308087132.jpg)
    38841 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:24 No.1450944
         File : 1118017469.png-(79709 B, 960x289, lolintelligentbtard.png)
    79709 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:26 No.1450957
         File : 1118017563.jpg-(292964 B, 1600x1200, ZERO_HOUR.jpg)
    292964 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:26 No.1450965
         File : 1118017604.png-(100738 B, 831x474, lolchewbacca.png)
    100738 B
    >> PLZ DIE DRAMAFAGS KTHX 06/05/05(Sun)19:27 No.1450968
    sgae for the Misfile banner. That comic blows ass.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:27 No.1450969
         File : 1118017664.png-(23102 B, 1059x93, 1113344896991.png)
    23102 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:27 No.1450972
         File : 1118017672.png-(219848 B, 1024x768, 1115824441175.png)
    219848 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:29 No.1450984
         File : 1118017778.jpg-(157447 B, 928x689, Kunx990.jpg)
    157447 B
    Fail for internet explorer. I won't sàge because I lol'd.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:30 No.1450987
    I made this. Glad you like it.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:30 No.1450993
    anyone have screens of the first appearance of crackie chan?
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:30 No.1450994
         File : 1118017848.jpg-(45023 B, 431x500, 1000000.jpg)
    45023 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:33 No.1451010
         File : 1118017993.png-(257910 B, 965x1571, lolcrackyandanonymous.png)
    257910 B
    Not the first, but I lol'd.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:33 No.1451014
         File : 1118018028.jpg-(129436 B, 1024x768, DavidBeaver.jpg)
    129436 B
    david david lol
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:34 No.1451024
    I have the first time the second wave of pics showed up, but I'm not in the business of getting banned because it's very important for me to waste my life here.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:37 No.1451035
    feel free to post it with the images mosiac'd out or whatever
    >> Blue_Six !DnQrXdNmRI 06/05/05(Sun)19:37 No.1451037
         File : 1118018255.jpg-(281433 B, 1280x1024, 700Kget.jpg)
    281433 B
    One more of moot fucking around with /b/ coming right up.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:37 No.1451040

    Fight Club?
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:38 No.1451043
         File : 1118018291.jpg-(45296 B, 615x282, surpriseButtsecks.jpg)
    45296 B
    My favourite one, ever.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:38 No.1451045
         File : 1118018296.jpg-(123272 B, 649x370, 1116213160271.jpg)
    123272 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:38 No.1451046
    needs sticky
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:38 No.1451049
         File : 1118018331.png-(29043 B, 654x944, zerohour.png)
    29043 B
    anotherr cap of ZERO HOUR
    >> Blue_Six !DnQrXdNmRI 06/05/05(Sun)19:39 No.1451053
         File : 1118018364.jpg-(152854 B, 1280x968, mootban.jpg)
    152854 B
    http://engramstudio.com/* <-- taken from AdBlock
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:39 No.1451054

    I posted it already you fag.
    >> Oryan !PK/J0EU.YY 06/05/05(Sun)19:39 No.1451056
         File : 1118018387.jpg-(32275 B, 518x354, Picture 13.jpg)
    32275 B
    really needs "look at the monkey! look at the monkey!"
    >> W.T. Snacks !TcT.PTG1.2 06/05/05(Sun)19:40 No.1451061
    moot doesn't fuck around with /b/, I do, fyi.
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)19:40 No.1451063
         File : 1118018419.jpg-(139725 B, 1024x768, UNFAIR GET tripcode.jpg)
    139725 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:40 No.1451064
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:41 No.1451073
         File : 1118018472.png-(121717 B, 821x886, 1113355775819.png)
    121717 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:41 No.1451077
         File : 1118018510.jpg-(116937 B, 1024x768, newcr.jpg)
    116937 B
    >> W.T. Snacks !TcT.PTG1.2 06/05/05(Sun)19:41 No.1451079
         File : 1118018513.png-(2479 B, 300x100, mootdoesntunderstand.png)
    2479 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:42 No.1451084
         File : 1118018548.png-(103506 B, 1005x641, lorl.png)
    103506 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)19:43 No.1451093
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:44 No.1451097
    Hey, that's my cat!

    And that's my screenshot!
    >> Blue_Six !DnQrXdNmRI 06/05/05(Sun)19:44 No.1451099
         File : 1118018647.png-(93450 B, 960x648, 1109832155498.png)
    93450 B
    Not on 4chan but executed by /b/-tards.

    The line at the end cracked me up xD
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:44 No.1451100
    how about the day supar waha took over /b/
    I've got the flash file, but no screens of the insano wallpaper
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:44 No.1451106
         File : 1118018669.jpg-(213010 B, 763x841, longcat.jpg)
    213010 B
    Okay guys, I posted ¾ of the pic in this thread but I'm empty now. Have fun /b/.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:45 No.1451109
         File : 1118018705.png-(97269 B, 370x586, 1116552251195.png)
    97269 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:45 No.1451111
         File : 1118018711.jpg-(135161 B, 1024x768, raptcap.jpg)
    135161 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)19:46 No.1451119
         File : 1118018811.png-(33131 B, 537x556, 1112042502950.png)
    33131 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:47 No.1451121
         File : 1118018823.jpg-(60789 B, 750x389, crackied.jpg)
    60789 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:47 No.1451124
         File : 1118018852.jpg-(148221 B, 1124x609, 1114493138714.jpg)
    148221 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)19:48 No.1451129
         File : 1118018918.jpg-(47529 B, 934x302, 1111640645167.jpg)
    47529 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:49 No.1451132
         File : 1118018955.png-(146622 B, 1010x1272, 1115223517740.png)
    146622 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)19:49 No.1451133
         File : 1118018983.jpg-(202499 B, 707x692, 1110783103488.jpg)
    202499 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:51 No.1451145
         File : 1118019087.jpg-(43032 B, 851x278, 1114493195977.jpg)
    43032 B
    >> !VwRyYYyVyE 06/05/05(Sun)19:52 No.1451149
    wryyyyy tripcoded, you're a god.

    (lol look at my tripcode)
    >> Oryan !PK/J0EU.YY 06/05/05(Sun)19:52 No.1451150
         File : 1118019139.jpg-(422569 B, 1307x1827, col2.jpg)
    422569 B
    I sure do have a collection of caps
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:53 No.1451158
         File : 1118019185.gif-(3232 B, 736x106, 1103509399344.gif)
    3232 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:54 No.1451169
         File : 1118019248.jpg-(43366 B, 763x188, 1114493390057.jpg)
    43366 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)19:54 No.1451174
         File : 1118019296.jpg-(149374 B, 816x771, 1114548787951.jpg)
    149374 B
    lol tripcode
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)19:57 No.1451189
         File : 1118019430.jpg-(65122 B, 926x535, 1111641469103.jpg)
    65122 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:57 No.1451190
         File : 1118019430.jpg-(341583 B, 993x541, 1114493471975.jpg)
    341583 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)19:58 No.1451205
         File : 1118019527.jpg-(65275 B, 690x217, 1113536797163.jpg)
    65275 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)19:59 No.1451211
         File : 1118019559.jpg-(40053 B, 520x239, 1113676821149.jpg)
    40053 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:00 No.1451216
    lol this one fking wins
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:01 No.1451219
         File : 1118019662.jpg-(57876 B, 1005x616, metalgearhill.jpg)
    57876 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:01 No.1451224
    Holy crap, a decent sticky
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:01 No.1451227
         File : 1118019711.png-(193543 B, 1007x642, v.png)
    193543 B
    >> Insane Joker 1300000 winrar !0PemCAVeMw 06/05/05(Sun)20:02 No.1451232
         File : 1118019742.jpg-(85814 B, 675x851, tubgurl.jpg)
    85814 B
    fuck funneh
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:03 No.1451240
         File : 1118019825.jpg-(66786 B, 614x270, 1114548891433.jpg)
    66786 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:04 No.1451241
         File : 1118019844.jpg-(13072 B, 524x145, 1115494341074.jpg)
    13072 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)20:04 No.1451245
         File : 1118019856.jpg-(214254 B, 1280x800, 1114721527310.jpg)
    214254 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:05 No.1451249
         File : 1118019908.png-(159779 B, 622x720, 1114548080464.png)
    159779 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:06 No.1451256
         File : 1118020018.jpg-(51704 B, 767x435, 1117175499955-edit.jpg)
    51704 B
    edited for safety
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:07 No.1451258
         File : 1118020036.gif-(55066 B, 850x249, 1114548556837.gif)
    55066 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:09 No.1451272
         File : 1118020181.png-(120616 B, 678x351, red.png)
    120616 B
    >> Rita !MJBtAMdPs. 06/05/05(Sun)20:10 No.1451278
         File : 1118020231.jpg-(21181 B, 855x220, wateronmars.jpg)
    21181 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)20:12 No.1451287
         File : 1118020351.jpg-(59951 B, 1255x814, 1112304369952.jpg)
    59951 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:12 No.1451292
         File : 1118020379.jpg-(43903 B, 860x405, 1114547868917.jpg)
    43903 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:15 No.1451307
         File : 1118020521.jpg-(46559 B, 918x336, 1114562058616.jpg)
    46559 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:16 No.1451317
         File : 1118020584.jpg-(90151 B, 1139x537, 1114562327673.jpg)
    90151 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:17 No.1451327
         File : 1118020627.jpg-(41370 B, 1125x209, 1114561914072.jpg)
    41370 B
    >> !xeffuGMwfc 06/05/05(Sun)20:18 No.1451346
         File : 1118020720.jpg-(39194 B, 669x252, saved.jpg)
    39194 B
    saved from /ib/
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:19 No.1451358
         File : 1118020791.jpg-(86503 B, 652x405, 1115223299057.jpg)
    86503 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)20:26 No.1451427
         File : 1118021177.png-(103447 B, 776x403, 1111669424440.png)
    103447 B
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/05/05(Sun)20:33 No.1451494
         File : 1118021597.jpg-(123468 B, 851x767, cat balls.jpg)
    123468 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:34 No.1451511
    Make sure this thread is still here after I come back from work like 12 hours later!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:35 No.1451520
         File : 1118021738.jpg-(80658 B, 1225x430, PARDUS.jpg)
    80658 B
    >> EVERYTHING FAILS BUT THIS Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:39 No.1451557
         File : 1118021992.jpg-(204948 B, 1044x294, ARENT YOU ROMANTIC FOR WOMEN.jpg)
    204948 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:40 No.1451569
    I lol'd
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:47 No.1451632
         File : 1118022433.jpg-(90158 B, 1000x529, bside.jpg)
    90158 B
    more b sides plz
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:49 No.1451648
    the banned part is totally shopped.
    >> Leetneko !S2KzejipC2 06/05/05(Sun)20:50 No.1451658
    it wasn't, i remember this madness
    >> Malice !06idwWVDaI 06/05/05(Sun)20:54 No.1451690
    Yeah, I remember that too. That berserk music.. good god.
    >> Oryan !PK/J0EU.YY 06/05/05(Sun)20:54 No.1451692
    omg, I cried. 4chan rocks today
    >> WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !1hARblu2hk 06/05/05(Sun)20:54 No.1451693

    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:55 No.1451704
    /b/-a history
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)20:55 No.1451705
    huh, so that does nothing.........
    >> Congratulations /b/ Jigglypoof !WABCAFs6Hg 06/05/05(Sun)21:00 No.1451755
    On posting funniest thread I've read in months. Everything wins, I fell off my chair roffling.
    >> cobraverde !9vvM9gaTGk 06/05/05(Sun)21:03 No.1451776
         File : 1118023415.jpg-(86060 B, 861x709, qg.jpg)
    86060 B
    >> cobraverde !9vvM9gaTGk 06/05/05(Sun)21:04 No.1451782
         File : 1118023449.png-(70450 B, 721x193, ngg.png)
    70450 B
    >> cobraverde !9vvM9gaTGk 06/05/05(Sun)21:05 No.1451797
         File : 1118023530.png-(59778 B, 671x276, drk.png)
    59778 B
    >> cobraverde !9vvM9gaTGk 06/05/05(Sun)21:07 No.1451814
         File : 1118023641.jpg-(36888 B, 772x374, anan.jpg)
    36888 B
    Oh, Anonymous. ;*
    >> anon !LogBsf56gQ 06/05/05(Sun)21:08 No.1451823

    this thread wins all previous interbutt which have been won, if you won such an internet, plz return it to snacks or he'll punch you in the cunt
    >> cobraverde !9vvM9gaTGk 06/05/05(Sun)21:08 No.1451827
         File : 1118023712.png-(80933 B, 796x324, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)
    80933 B
    More unforgiveness.
    >> cobraverde !9vvM9gaTGk 06/05/05(Sun)21:09 No.1451835
         File : 1118023772.png-(39489 B, 680x298, AAAAAAAAA.png)
    39489 B
    Anonymous on Anonymous violence.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:13 No.1451872
         File : 1118024025.jpg-(190403 B, 772x874, wtg4chan.jpg)
    190403 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:14 No.1451877
         File : 1118024077.png-(283346 B, 1002x663, -q- quotes.png)
    283346 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:15 No.1451880
         File : 1118024104.jpg-(23098 B, 400x187, lolicon.jpg)
    23098 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:15 No.1451884
         File : 1118024143.jpg-(54732 B, 728x286, cocksucker.jpg)
    54732 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:26 No.1451968
         File : 1118024777.jpg-(58022 B, 664x230, discuss.jpg)
    58022 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:26 No.1451971
         File : 1118024780.png-(73323 B, 897x255, olo.png)
    73323 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:31 No.1452001
         File : 1118025071.jpg-(62513 B, 875x199, COCK.jpg)
    62513 B
    >> WhiteCat !c/2ILOLITA 06/05/05(Sun)21:37 No.1452054
         File : 1118025465.jpg-(363047 B, 950x1000, 4chanwars.jpg)
    363047 B
    A long time ago, in an image board not so far away...
    >> Hubert Cumberdale !2Xq/AXXGa2 06/05/05(Sun)21:40 No.1452069
    This thread delivers.
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:42 No.1452084
         File : 1118025721.jpg-(49204 B, 726x511, 4chanlol.jpg)
    49204 B
    hay guyz remember this thread?
    >> Anonymous does a Woman !rjJrRHCQX2 06/05/05(Sun)21:44 No.1452108
         File : 1118025859.jpg-(40996 B, 806x309, silverfish.jpg)
    40996 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:50 No.1452168
         File : 1118026238.jpg-(16189 B, 727x142, untitled.jpg)
    16189 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:54 No.1452195
    Alt + F4 on most windows PCs
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)21:59 No.1452218
    fuck fuck fuck
    >> ASL !HRkANALUBE 06/05/05(Sun)22:00 No.1452225
         File : 1118026829.jpg-(42592 B, 630x272, 4chan.jpg)
    42592 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)22:01 No.1452232
         File : 1118026874.jpg-(37974 B, 738x289, 4chan3.jpg)
    37974 B
    >> Colonel Mustard 06/05/05(Sun)22:03 No.1452240
         File : 1118026985.jpg-(76680 B, 958x454, 4chanidiot.jpg)
    76680 B
    >> Crimmz 06/05/05(Sun)22:16 No.1452384
         File : 1118027778.png-(156009 B, 1021x1337, failure.png)
    156009 B
    >> WhiteCat !c/2ILOLITA 06/05/05(Sun)22:36 No.1452565
         File : 1118028979.png-(42525 B, 1024x741, own.png)
    42525 B
    fresh new
    >> bus goes in the email field 06/05/05(Sun)22:37 No.1452576
         File : 1118029064.jpg-(112867 B, 1026x743, remember.jpg)
    112867 B

    >> fuck al 06/05/05(Sun)23:08 No.1452771
         File : 1118030934.jpg-(43995 B, 858x310, lookoutjesus.jpg)
    43995 B
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)23:13 No.1452794
    I feel proud to say I posted in this thread...now love me
    >> Anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)23:31 No.1452886
    i blame nuns
    >> also anonymous 06/05/05(Sun)23:32 No.1452892
    You post in every thread, anonymous.
    >> aphex 06/05/05(Sun)23:32 No.1452895
         File : 1118032349.jpg-(218440 B, 594x591, owlday.jpg)
    218440 B
    >> MrNutty !Da/6uz0r42 06/05/05(Sun)23:32 No.1452896
    me love you long time
    >> ugh !1hJVn3aveg 06/05/05(Sun)23:35 No.1452915
    I'm in this picture!
    >> aphex 06/05/05(Sun)23:38 No.1452932
         File : 1118032689.jpg-(117145 B, 412x310, inthisloli.jpg)
    117145 B
    I'm in this picture!
    >> aphex 06/05/05(Sun)23:39 No.1452938
         File : 1118032769.jpg-(168463 B, 407x455, inthisloli2.jpg)
    168463 B
    I'm in this picture!
    >> ugh !1hJVn3aveg 06/05/05(Sun)23:40 No.1452946
    o fuk
    >> FatandALone 06/05/05(Sun)23:40 No.1452947
         File : 1118032854.jpg-(115076 B, 420x579, fuzzyfamily.jpg)
    115076 B

    I laughed so hard the first time I saw this that I peed a little.

    Does anyone have a screencap of the thread where those 2 guys were fighting, and the guy with the glowing hand was on top of the other?

    The first post was something to the effect of "He's gonna get owned". And the next post was "either that, or we're about to witness the greatest hand job known to man".

    I wish I had taken a picture :(
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)00:00 No.1453046
         File : 1118034033.jpg-(67552 B, 1024x576, sbw.jpg)
    67552 B
    fresh one for the win!
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)00:48 No.1453390
         File : 1118036907.jpg-(89996 B, 716x663, 1112792337123.jpg)
    89996 B
    a guffaw.
    >> Bob Dole 06/06/05(Mon)00:59 No.1453475
    zing im there
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)01:11 No.1453570
    you won pretty hard there
    >> Shapiro !bBvD1TvtjY 06/06/05(Mon)01:15 No.1453621
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)01:16 No.1453634
    You guys are pimpin ya daughter out
    to many anonymous cocks on the street
    and you wanna talk to me about phone calls!
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)01:23 No.1453688
         File : 1118038991.png-(149472 B, 687x377, irl carl.png)
    149472 B
    >> What, no "What, no _____?" thread? Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)01:26 No.1453723
         File : 1118039209.gif-(329027 B, 600x400, 1114152632678.gif)
    329027 B
    "What, no ____?" Thread for fuck win.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)01:30 No.1453767
    Do what now?
    >> CAPSULE !CvjxE3pa0o 06/06/05(Mon)01:32 No.1453796
    wow, looks like Im not the only one on 4chan that plays D&D.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)01:37 No.1453845
    got any donut penis? im still on a donut penis kick
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)01:43 No.1453899
         File : 1118040220.png-(19823 B, 791x106, master race.png)
    19823 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)01:43 No.1453902
         File : 1118040234.png-(102760 B, 853x742, screen cap 2.png)
    102760 B
    >> BlackDakkon !gHjRyqAvqs 06/06/05(Mon)02:11 No.1454081
         File : 1118041886.jpg-(25258 B, 113x184, iseewhatyoudidthere.jpg)
    25258 B
    lol sammich.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)02:17 No.1454108
         File : 1118042227.gif-(138763 B, 608x464, brubek.gif)
    138763 B
    chris clark - early mess
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)02:48 No.1454285
         File : 1118044128.jpg-(82819 B, 1018x396, owned.jpg)
    82819 B
    Recent one
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)02:50 No.1454292
         File : 1118044219.jpg-(91959 B, 545x437, 1117481037325.jpg)
    91959 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)02:52 No.1454302
         File : 1118044347.jpg-(50311 B, 558x494, lold.jpg)
    50311 B
    >> phip 06/06/05(Mon)02:58 No.1454347
         File : 1118044735.jpg-(26323 B, 530x245, Picture 7.jpg)
    26323 B
    >> lolocaust !rsvcwx6Axc 06/06/05(Mon)03:07 No.1454407
         File : 1118045252.png-(182761 B, 1022x1040, suicideletter_translation_a.png)
    182761 B
    Needs more /b/-sides

    Also, does anyone have a screenshot of the original ZERO HOUR event that moot brought upon us?

    PS: ZERO HOUR also inspired a board's name: http://zerohour.freecoolsite.com/
    >> lolocaust !rsvcwx6Axc 06/06/05(Mon)03:11 No.1454434
         File : 1118045507.png-(154038 B, 671x331, ew.png)
    154038 B
    >> !1hARblu2hk 06/06/05(Mon)03:14 No.1454448
    i see your tripcode
    >> lolocaust !rsvcwx6Axc 06/06/05(Mon)03:14 No.1454450
         File : 1118045682.png-(108105 B, 1024x768, 1105111782017.png)
    108105 B
    >> lolocaust !rsvcwx6Axc 06/06/05(Mon)03:16 No.1454463
         File : 1118045793.jpg-(193525 B, 1007x354, gnaa.jpg)
    193525 B
    legendary thread
    >> lolocaust !rsvcwx6Axc 06/06/05(Mon)03:17 No.1454475
         File : 1118045871.jpg-(101123 B, 1024x768, bukileaves.jpg)
    101123 B
    Didn't take this one, but it's pretty funny.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)03:18 No.1454479
         File : 1118045926.png-(92334 B, 897x532, 1105053574828.png)
    92334 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)03:38 No.1454551
    Lol, I'm in one...that's when I used to have a tripcode...
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)03:53 No.1454626
    Yknow, these stickies are what /z/ should have been. Just a week or two of themes (screenshots of great threads, pics of members, some particular cliche, etc.) to go wild on a board with. One single thread that gets archived but then fucked by deleting most files in it etc. isn't cutting it :/
    >> Tetsuo 06/06/05(Mon)03:55 No.1454639
         File : 1118048112.jpg-(61254 B, 847x495, Banned.jpg)
    61254 B
    Just saw this a minute ago.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)03:59 No.1454654
    please thread, be here when i get home from work :(
    >> Strype 06/06/05(Mon)04:02 No.1454681

    I almost puked from laughing too hard
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)04:29 No.1454818
    this thread is wonders
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)04:33 No.1454844
         File : 1118050402.png-(32016 B, 202x276, Mongler Head.png)
    32016 B
    I love this thread

    >> WhiteCat !c/2ILOLITA 06/06/05(Mon)04:41 No.1454894
    It is mine ^^
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)05:03 No.1455037
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)05:06 No.1455053
         File : 1118052372.jpg-(137099 B, 1187x900, crackysfatherlol.jpg)
    137099 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)05:08 No.1455064
         File : 1118052513.jpg-(107511 B, 966x690, moejplol.jpg)
    107511 B
    >> ^_^ Moonrose 06/06/05(Mon)05:14 No.1455090
         File : 1118052862.jpg-(354215 B, 952x2191, Funfun.jpg)
    354215 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)05:27 No.1455142
    I archived this thread
    >> I'm serious Blue_Six !DnQrXdNmRI 06/06/05(Mon)05:28 No.1455150
    I hereby want to thank all the people of /b/. The past, present and future ones.

    This thread is the essence of why I come here. Of 99% of the shit you come across, there's always the chance of witnessing the creation of one of these gems.

    Reading through it all I almost spat coffee on my keyboard, then I stopped drinking coffee while reading and actually laughed tears at one or two points.

    *raises coffee mug* To /b/ and to many more great funny threads (and even more crappy ones).
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)05:28 No.1455153
    No son, I'm baking pie.
    >> spigot !9eDg6iA05s 06/06/05(Mon)05:45 No.1455214
    haha awesome I took that picture at hanford ca's renfaire
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)05:46 No.1455222
    >> foxtrot-foxtrot 06/06/05(Mon)06:23 No.1455436
    kudos to the owner of the comment.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)06:50 No.1455582
         File : 1118058604.jpg-(84792 B, 299x286, 1116970814669.jpg)
    84792 B
    Serious Business is it not?
    >> Stalking-Anonymous-kun 06/06/05(Mon)06:53 No.1455597
    This shit wins weeaboo intarbutt hard.
    Let's do that again sometime.
    >> KeiKusanagi !CkymLi5CYY 06/06/05(Mon)06:55 No.1455606
         File : 1118058919.jpg-(19777 B, 725x223, untitled.jpg)
    19777 B
    taken by me in /p/ still there
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)07:38 No.1455859
         File : 1118061520.jpg-(315933 B, 805x578, 1116967860584.jpg)
    315933 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)07:39 No.1455865
         File : 1118061560.jpg-(71090 B, 1002x590, lolb.jpg)
    71090 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)07:45 No.1455904
    That can't be from /b/
    >> MarikDeVulpina !3aQhcfWLac 06/06/05(Mon)07:47 No.1455917

    every horsecock is repost horsecock.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)08:07 No.1456064
         File : 1118063244.jpg-(11182 B, 193x246, 15912356_a351fe355c_o.jpg)
    11182 B
    Snacks is underrated... show some love for the dude who messes around with our board and provides much hilarity.
    *Kisses Snacks*
    ps: are you really black?
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)08:09 No.1456077
    Snax is so black he doesn't even need to steal TVs. They jump in his trunk when he drives by.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)08:25 No.1456156
         File : 1118064334.jpg-(37602 B, 827x343, BANHAMMER.jpg)
    37602 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)08:26 No.1456161
    That's not a thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)08:26 No.1456163
         File : 1118064416.jpg-(46231 B, 647x348, hahahaha.jpg)
    46231 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)08:40 No.1456222
         File : 1118065210.jpg-(78044 B, 1200x767, b&.jpg)
    78044 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)08:41 No.1456226
         File : 1118065265.jpg-(62644 B, 945x800, mew.jpg)
    62644 B
    >> sneakywoo !wqHC8w//so 06/06/05(Mon)08:50 No.1456280

    nice, its one of my screencaps
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)08:52 No.1456290
         File : 1118065923.jpg-(73386 B, 703x449, crazyfrog.jpg)
    73386 B
    Capped recently
    >> Everyday !kv8C3E7c8g 06/06/05(Mon)09:16 No.1456457
         File : 1118067378.jpg-(46834 B, 722x454, 4chan.jpg)
    46834 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)09:16 No.1456463
         File : 1118067405.png-(15169 B, 920x661, =nevar=forget.png)
    15169 B
    >> (user was awesome for this post) Blue_Six !DnQrXdNmRI 06/06/05(Mon)10:40 No.1457067
    Anybody have any caps from when that was going on? I was so entertained at the time that I neglected to take one myself :_(
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)10:46 No.1457107
    none that i can post without getting banned
    *sanitizez hard drive*
    >> Z0MBIE 06/06/05(Mon)11:51 No.1457716
         File : 1118076705.jpg-(56059 B, 788x383, hello.jpg)
    56059 B
    lol /b/, lol yaranaika and lol weeaboo.
    age for this thread.
    >> zen!zizi 06/06/05(Mon)11:53 No.1457727
    did someone just say "weeaboo"?
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)13:48 No.1458509
         File : 1118083731.png-(180717 B, 941x580, thread.png)
    180717 B
    >> ASL !HRkANALUBE 06/06/05(Mon)14:12 No.1458632
    I think I heard someone say weeaboo!
    >> Sting 06/06/05(Mon)14:39 No.1458794
         File : 1118086792.jpg-(26611 B, 287x400, stingaumicro.jpg)
    26611 B
    Your master is out!

    Sting: This lame ass thread sucks! Wooooooooooooo!
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)14:41 No.1458802
    Yaaaaaay weeaboo. I enjoy that word.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)15:04 No.1458960
    ... Anonymous has a short attention span.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)15:39 No.1459211
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)15:43 No.1459248
    cut that out you dirty wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyap.
    >> 4chan 06/06/05(Mon)16:50 No.1459691

    Please disregard all previouse posts for it was not 4chan, I am 4chan and I did not post this. I am sure you would know when I, 4chan would post something any how, it would have more dignity then that, this isn't even art. thank you

    ciao, 4chan
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)17:01 No.1459735
    Wait a second ... Does this mean that at any given time, you are walking around with bestiality, guro, and inside jokes? And you haven't been arrested yet?
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)17:04 No.1459751
    shut the fuck up, 4chan
    >> THIS THREAD DELIVERS Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)17:05 No.1459754
         File : 1118095509.png-(199706 B, 1037x755, 1112873579963.png)
    199706 B
    >> Tripcode Elemental !2w2kicnwkU 06/06/05(Mon)17:20 No.1459845
         File : 1118096429.png-(163331 B, 289x505, 1114549876342.png)
    163331 B
    >> crayola 06/06/05(Mon)18:36 No.1460147
         File : 1118100983.jpg-(90365 B, 1024x716, mordor.jpg)
    90365 B
    i knew this damn pic was on my HD someplace :)
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)18:41 No.1460175
         File : 1118101274.png-(20554 B, 847x602, cracky_ban.png)
    20554 B
    >> Iris 06/06/05(Mon)18:45 No.1460195
         File : 1118101548.jpg-(240946 B, 1097x791, Untitled.jpg)
    240946 B
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)18:48 No.1460205
         File : 1118101691.png-(119582 B, 844x440, goodoleb.png)
    119582 B
    >> Kintak !nIP2DlX816 06/06/05(Mon)18:54 No.1460231
    zing wins x 500
    >> zen !n0O4CX2J4w 06/06/05(Mon)19:08 No.1460325
         File : 1118102895.jpg-(27204 B, 180x240, weeaboo.weeaboo.jpg)
    27204 B

    >> Tarage !DqN1ECWgHk 06/06/05(Mon)19:33 No.1460494

    I did not realize I was a cliche. Cool...

    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)19:36 No.1460522
    this thread lacks moot drama.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)19:50 No.1460650
    i am honored
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)19:56 No.1460690
    Tarage is a retard

    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)21:03 No.1461172
    Please, Anonymous, tell me you haven't run out of screen caps...plz...
    >> !.WrYyYytTU 06/06/05(Mon)21:04 No.1461176
         File : 1118109890.jpg-(114443 B, 793x711, 1112522072281.jpg)
    114443 B
    moot drama?
    >> Crimmz 06/06/05(Mon)21:44 No.1461430
    Oh dear. drama>moot

    Poor guy.
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)21:49 No.1461470
    remember when sometimes it would say (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) only no one was really banned.. then sometimes it would say (USER WAS AWESOME FOR THIS POST).. those were funny
    >> !xeffuGMwfc 06/06/05(Mon)21:57 No.1461512

    >> Lolol !harblMX0Rk 06/06/05(Mon)22:01 No.1461546
    >> !harblMX0Rk 06/06/05(Mon)22:04 No.1461568
    u damn stole my tripcode, bitch!
    >> Anonymous 06/06/05(Mon)22:04 No.1461570

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